Klasik Broiler Feeder Pan

Simplicity, Flexible & Reliable, Day One to Harvest.

Satisfy the needs of day-old chicks as well as those of heavy broilers in the final growing phase, provide large flood feed windows, easy, positive feed depth adjustment, five spoke general purpose grill and a removable top cap for ease of installation, replacement and service.

The Multi Feed Adjustable can be adjusted progressively, even while the feeders are raised off the floor to avoid wasting feed and always fresh feed in the pan as the birds grow.

Flood window

Large flood feed windows for automatic and even pan flooring with feed.

Shut Off Slide

Slide Able to control which pan to distribute feed
and minimize feed.

Hinge Lock

A hinge lock facilitate helps to keep the bottom pan securely attached to the grill, provides for cleaned thoroughly and drying between flocks.

Multi Feed Level

Multi feed level setting to control the amount of feed.

Removable top Cover

Removable top cap makes it easy to maintenance and install in second.

Feed Hopper Unloader

Feed Hopper Unloader equipped with a clean-out plate provides smart way to accessing the stale feed and keep clean.

Galvanized Feeding Tube

Produced by 1.0mm thickness heavy gauge galvanized steel with zinc coating of 275g/m2.