About Astino Agro-House Multi System

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ASTINO AGRO–HOUSE MULTI SYSTEM (A wholly owned subsidiary of ASTINO BERHAD) has planned and realized various types of poultry based steel structure since 2008. As demand grows, we started to provide poultry and swine equipment for modern farming since 2011.

ASTINO AGRO–HOUSE MULTI SYSTEM currently is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility spanning a total of 24,155 square meters of land and are proudly able to produce over 98% of our products inhouse.

With our highly talented, experienced and efficient team, we are committed to plan and execute an ideal solution tailor made accordingly by providing the construction of various types of poultry houses in the modern poultry industry.

We strive to design and manufacture solutions utilizing our experience, expertise and professionalism. We always put strong emphasis on product quality, reliability, cost effectiveness, easy maintenance and safe sanitary conditions in mind.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to making ASTINO AGRO–HOUSE MULTI SYSTEM a successful company on a global level. And we fully acknowledge that our success is made possible by the success and satisfaction of our customers.


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