Astino Agro-House are proudly able to produce over 98% of our prefabricated steel structureproducts inhouse and diversifies its business on supplying materials for housing projects and development, serving international and domestic sectors.

With our experienced design team, we are committed to plan and execute an ideal solution tailor made to be “Easy to Install”, air-tight and excellent thermal insulation performance based on building’s specification to get better feed efficiency, better growth rate, and improve operating profits through better bird’s performance and lower mortality rate.


As demand grows, Astino Agro-House started to provide poultry equipment for modern poultry since 2011.

We develops and manufactures poultry complete solutions and egg production by using the best tools and technology available with a varies selection of full range of feeding and drinking systems, automatic of feed handling and climate automation, and intelligent management controls.

These proven tools optimize the poultry environment so you can obtain the best performance from your birds.


To ensure the top result from challenge in meat production to the target weight. Astino Swine completed solution plays an essential role in providing the efficient and healthy environments for the piglet.

Products are designed for easy installation and maintenance, durability, flexibility and efficiency to achieve maximum return on your investment.