Swine Plastic Slat

Hygiene, Durability, Stability

Swine Slat, our plastic flooring for pigs with a high-tech injection molding process using virgin quality polypropylene copolymer to create a durable, long-lasting plastic flooring solution for nursery pigs and farrowing barn installations. Our plastic swine flooring is available in multiple grid configurations and sizes that will adapt to any building scheme, whether it is a new construction or barn remodeling project.

Incredible Features :

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to cold and sun, corrosion-resistant and not afraid of being
  • Available in single or double-sided design slot and a large capacity to effectively meet the needs of multi-head pig feeding.
  • The pig feeder for sale can adjust the speed of the discharge at will, easy to operate, saves time and effort.
  • Stainless steel automatic feeder built-in automatic feeder, piglet mouth gently top, the feed can be down, saving time and effort.
  • The hog feeders for sale can adjust the height.come completely welded, factory assembled and ready to install.

Swine Nursery Plastic Slat

Hog Slat blue Chess Nursery flooring is available in many different
sizes and is designed to interlock along our DUO support beams to create complete pit-spanning flooring solutions for weaned pigs.

Incredible Features :

  • Self-cleaning, 3/8” wide slots arranged in a multi-direction pattern give nursery pigs optimum traction while allowing animals wastes to easily pass through, maintaining cleanliness
  • Sturdy design supports wider spans, reducing support beam costs Suitable for pigs up to 130 pounds

Farrowing Plastic Slat

Farrowing Slat modular plastic flooring components are configured to match almost any size of farrowing pen layout. Choose from durable cast iron or Swing plastic center sections to pair with our interlocking Rubin creep section floor panels.

Incredible Features :

  • Smooth edge openings reduce sow injuries
  • Cast iron helps provide a cooler, more comfortable floor temperature for the sow
  • Longer sizes require only two sections per crate
  • Two sections allow the farrowing crate to be secured to both ends, eliminating the changes for sows to move a section out of place

Beam Supports

Delta Beam’s edge profile interlocks with the flooring sections for extra security. Corrosion-resistant fiberglass construction and triangular shape avoid manure buildup while furnishing high load-bearing and buckling stability.

Support Leg Set

Support beam leg sets are available to provide intermediate support for longer beam installations. Leg sets consist of an Upper & Lower Bracket Kit and a 72” green fiberglass support tube that can be cut to length on site as needed depending on the pit depth.

Incredible Features :

  • Corrosion resistant composite fiberglass beams provide a stable,
  • durable foundation to support plastic pig flooring sections Triangular shape resists manure build up and allows animal wastes
  • to easily pass into the pit below while also furnishing a high-load
  • bearing capacity improved buckling stability Farrowing and nursery floor sections dovetail together and interlock onto the top of the DUO fiberglass support beams End cap pedestals seal beam-end openings and provide improved stabilization Available in Large (4.75” high) and Extra-Large (6” high) heights and multiple length options