Bulk Feed Tank

Feed Management System

Astino has been providing bulk feed tank to the poultry industry since 2000 and led the way in updating its bin design to include features that provided solutions to common industry problems. Astino Bulk Feed Tank today continues to feature the strength, quality, design and warranty backing that result in a bin you can count on for years of reliable service.

Incredible Features and Options

Body Sheet Panel

  • Body sheets are formed with the standard 2.66-inch (68-mm) corrugation from long-lasting, galvanized steel in gauges ranging from 8 to 20.
  • Hoppers are available in 60- and 67-degree angles to match user requirements based on the feed type to be stored. Roofs feature a 40° angle for maximum filling and to make the fill hole more visible.
  • Sturdy ladder system is attached to both the bin roof and side wall. Each ladder rung includes a raised, nonskid top surface as well as an opening on the underside to eliminate moisture accumulation within the rung.

Straight Boot

  • Available in straight-out and 30-degree high strength and impact resistance boot, for existing feed bins with 16-inch (406-mm) diameter hopper openings.

Select you Bulk Feed Tank Size: