Ideal choice for the correct humidification

The cooling system works on the basis of evaporation and is best used in climate regions with hot, dry summers. The higher the temperatures and the lower the relative humidity, the higher the resulting cooling effect. The pads that are used consist of a special cellulose material with a large specific surface to ensure a high cooling performance. A chemical impregnation protects the pads from atmospheric influence. Alternatively, we also offer plastic pads which offer a longer service life.

Incredible Features :

  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • No need to remove parts for cleaning.
  • Simply release deflector and detach retainer to remove pads.
  • Sizable reservoir maintains water supply even in extreme climates.
  • Wide 2” distribution pipe provides water evenly.
  • Superior cooling technology.

Astino Feed Trough Grill

In addition, we also provide Astino Feed Trough Grill to complement with Astino Feed Trough in order to create an efficient chain feeding system. Made of heavy galvanised wire, it is reliable and durable.

Tunnel Curtain

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