Simplicity, Flexible & Reliable

SWINE FEEDING SYSTEM Technical Specification1

Product Item Stainless Steel Feeder
Capacity 10kgs
Size High-density polyethylene, HDPE
Number of swine per feeder 5

90° Corner Unit

Incredible Features :

  • Self-lubricating synthetic bush enables the product to self-maintain, thus no lubrication is needed.
  • Polycarbonate transparent cover is more durable and improves visibility for interior inspections.
  • Less maintenance time with the cover fastened by a clip instead of bolt.
  • Base plate of unit will not be affected as the chain does not touch the plate as it is supported by link levellers.
  • Link levellers can be exchanged due to wear & tear by removing and installing it manually, eliminates the need to replace the whole unit.
  • Wheel has no nibs, thus increases the lifespan of the wheel due to less wear & tear.

Astino Feed Chain

We are dedicated to supply you with the most reliable flat feed chain by working together with Technical Systems. Rest assured that you can rely on the Technical Systems’ flagship product to distribute feed evenly, rapidly and reliably throughout any feeding configuration.

Incredible Features :

  • A minimum of 13.5kN tensile strength.
  • No twisting, vibrating or “empty” spots.
  • No elongation of material after installation.
  • Hardness: 48 – 50 HRc
  • Links per 10m : 236 links (+/- 2 links)
  • Pitch : 42.4mm (+/- 0.35mm)
  • Material Thickness : 2.5mm
  • Chain Width : 70mm

Feed Trough Connector

Incredible Features :

Product Item Stainless Steel Feeder
Capacity 3kgs
Height of pan 60mm
Diameter of pan 250mm
Number of piglet per feeder 4 piglet per time

Adjustable Stand

Incredible Features :

  • Adjustable Stands is made of high tensile galvanized steel with zinc coating 275g/m2.
  • Available in two profiles for feed trough and 90° corner unit.