Nexus 18 Broiler Pan

Simplest and easiest broiler pan in the market !

Incredible Features

  • With low pan height 39.8mm(1.58”), excellent start-up for day old chick to eat from the outside, gives birds comfortable, no stress accessing feed throughout their growth cycle.
  • The anti-waste rim and special grill prevent birds entered and stay/sleep on the feed, eliminated manure dropping and feed contamination
  • A hinge lock facilitate helps to secure the bottom pan, perfect for cleaned thoroughly, simply power wash between flocks for better bird health.
  • The unique angled cone feeder pan contains up to 2,100grams feed. 360° flooding and evenly keeps the pan full of feed, enable all birds have full access to the feed at all time.
  • Removable top cap makes it easy to install and maintenance in second. Durable material, 100% virgin polypropylene plastic, rigid and longer life’s pan.
  • Total 5 solid pan lock system to lock the pan in place.