Male Feeder Pan-2

Simplicity, Flexible & Reliable

Astino presents the latest five-spoke grill design Male Feeder Pan with large openings, which provides more comfort and
eating space for males, transports feed via tubing with auger to the pan.

The pan design ensures that all males receive the specified amount of feed while allowing the use of different feed

Incredible Features :

  • Ideal for 5 to 10 male birds.
  • 5 spoke grill with ample space.
  • With or without feed shut-off slide.
  • Sturdy design allows pan to grip to feeder pipe steadily.

Technical Specifications :

Density Birds per pan 5 – 10 birds per pan
Feeder Pan Material Polypropylene Plastic
Pan Dimension 360mm
Average Pan Contents 350g / pan
Winching System Options Manual #3500 Overhead Winch
Automatic #3500 Auto Winch, 0.75kW, 50-60 Hz, 380V/3PH
Transport System Transport Auger Tube Material Galvanized steel, 275g/m3
Outside Diameter Tube 45mm
Hole of Tube 3 holes 3m and 4 holes 3m
Power Unit Direct Drive Unit, 0.75kW, 3PH, 50-60Hz, 380-415V
Average Transport Contents approx. 450kg / hour