Ideal temperature in every poultry house

Electric Heating Lamp (IR)

In addition, we also provide Astino Feed Trough Grill to complement with Astino Feed Trough in order to create an efficient chain feeding system. Made of heavy galvanised wire, it is reliable and durable.

Incredible Features :

  • Electric Heating Lamp is the main product of livestock and poultry nursing breeding stage heating, available in 800W and 1600W.
  • Infrared heating tube, accomplishes the feat of reducing are and increasing infrared heating output while enhancing the penetration of the heat radiation source and protecting the eyes of birds from UV ray’s reach.
  • Lamp sheet of the product is made by high quality embossed aluminium reflectors, transmit nearly 97% of radiant energy.

Gas Fired Infrared Heater Gasolec M8

Incredible Features :

  • Direct heat to the chicken and litter.
  • Creating comfort zones.
  • Less mortality.
  • Up to 1300 – 1500 DOC, depending the height and environment temperature.

Sunpower 65

Incredible Features :

We are dedicated to supply you with the most reliable flat feed chain by working together with Technical Systems. Rest assured that you can rely on the Technical Systems’ flagship product to distribute feed evenly, rapidly and reliably throughout any feeding configuration.