Bin Weighing System

Load Cell with Mounting Bracket

Load cell with patented mounting bracket allows
for easy installation on existing and loaded bins.

Feed Inventory System provides an economical means for managing and monitoring feed stored in feed bins (silos) on the farm.

Incredible Features and Options

  • Provides real-time inventory data for on-farm feed storage
    and consumption without needing to climb feed bins and
    visually checking feed levels.
  • Kits available for single and two-bin systems with three,
    four or six bin legs. Gross capacities up to 60 tons (55
    metric tons).
  • System easily adapts to new or existing facilities.
    Rugged, weather-resistant load cells add 6 inches (152
    mm) to overall bin height.

  • Mounts on the feed bin or can be located in a building up
    to 1,000 feet (300 m) away.
  • Displays feed weights for up to two separate bins sitting
    on two different sets of load cells.
  • Shows weight in either pounds or kilograms along with
    date and time displayed with either 12- or 24-hour clock
  • Practical screen navigation and edit keys offer quick
    indicator control set-up and changes.

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