High Performance and Long Durabilityas

Astino formulated a series of fan and tested them before rolling out the results as top-quality ventilation systems for all poultry houses. Proven first-grade quality performance and durable climatecontrol function, Astino Ventilation System makes a dierence in reducing stress inside the houses caused by unfavourable weather and poor ventilation. By creating an optimal environment for chicks and birds to thrive, we provide comfort while ensuring smooth growth and health of birds.

Incredible Features :

  • High airfow and high efficiency.
  • Fan housing, cone and venturi made of the corrosion resistant galvanised steel.
  • Special cone design for optimal use of installation space.
  • Patent pending shutter opening device.
  • All motors are tested for 100% quality control.
  • Optional belt-tensioner is available for increased v-belt lifetime and reduced maintenance.

Series of Fan models :

50" Galvanised (G.I.) Butterfly Cone Fan

Incredible Features :

  • Fan housing made of high quality galvanised steel sheet.
  • 3-bladed fan that creates appropriate air flow while reducing noise level.
  • Automatic belt tensioning system constantly maintains optimum belt tension.
  • Grill at the front side of the fan and protection grid at the end of the cone.
  • Easy-to-remove grill enables smooth maintenance and replacement of fan blade and belt.